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Home Courses approved by BRPT for CSTEs

Courses approved by BRPT for CSTEs

All courses are Peer / Physical Reviewed, as our courses Written by Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Care Industry Leaders. Each course below provides (1) credit:  BRPT CREDIT 1.0 CSTE, and cost $15.99/each.  Organizational, package and seasonal discounts may apply.

BRPT – AASM Quality Performance: Metrics to Improve Care

BRPT – Accreditation: A Vital Step to Becoming a Leader as a Sleep Medicine Provider

BRPT – Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

BRPT – An Understanding of COPD for the Sleep Medicine Professional

BRPT – Analyzing the EKG: Understanding Arrhythmias and Damage to the Heart

BRPT – Asthma and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Identification, Understanding and Treatment

BRPT – Bridging Sleep Testing Diagnosis and Therapy into a Comprehensive Sleep Program

BRPT – Cannabis and Sleep

BRPT – CPAP and Oxygen – Matching Systems to Patient’s Needs

BRPT – Humidification with CPAP: Pathophysiology and Treatment Rationale

BRPT – Infection Prevention and Control in Sleep Testing Facilities

BRPT – Insomnia – Diagnosis and Treatment

BRPT – Integration of Home Sleep Testing to Enhance a Market Presence

BRPT – Modes of PAP Therapy

BRPT – Narcolepsy

BRPT – Non-Invasive Ventilation

BRPT – Oral Appliances: An Effective Alternative for Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

BRPT – Overlap Syndrome (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease & Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

BRPT – Patient Education: Increasing Adherence with Therapy

BRPT – Pediatric Sleep Disorders

BRPT – Recording Seizures in the Sleep Center

BRPT – Respiratory System Overview

BRPT – Restless Leg Syndrome I

BRPT – Restless Leg Syndrome II

BRPT – Role of ASV Technology in the treatment of Sleep Disorder Breathing

BRPT – Shift Work Sleep Disorder

BRPT – Sleep across the Age Continuum: A Gift of Sleep For the Preschooler

BRPT – Sleep Across the Age Continuum: How Sleep in the Golden Years Changes

BRPT – Sleep Apnea Co-morbidities: Relationships with Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

BRPT – The Clinical Application of MSLT and MWT

BRPT – The Connection between Childhood Disordered Breathing and ADHD

BRPT – The Gift of Sleep for Parents and Child

BRPT – The Gift of Sleep Package – Sleep Across the Age Continuum

BRPT – The Importance of Billing and Coding Correctly In the Sleep Center

BRPT – The Respiratory Therapist – An Evolution to Today’s Professional

BRPT – Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Hypoglossal nerve stimulation

BRPT – Understanding Sleep Apnea



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