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Getting Started

How to Get Enroll and Get Started

Our courses are simple to purchase. – All you need is a credit card and the desire to get continuing education credits.

STEP 1:  Shop for a course at our online course catalog by choosing (1) PRODUCTS in the menu & (2) Choose your category of online course (AAST, AART, BRPT or CSRT Approved).

STEP 2:  Choose classes (View Details) and add to your Shopping cart by hitting ADD button with number of seats chosen.

STEP 3: Hit next when you are ready to check out. Fill out the user profile (if new*) or enter login credentials (if returning user) and hit Submit. Confirm purchases and hit next.  Enter payment information and apply any discount codes, then hit submit. We DO NOT store credit card information. We will not sell or share your email address. Store your username and password for return orders.

*If you are logging into our new Online System for the first time, even if you are an existing customer on our older system (prior to November 19, 2018), you will need to register as a new user.

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