“Everything CPAP has been receiving education from the authors of courses offered on SleepEdu.org for the last 3 years.  SleepEdu has been a cost-effective, hassle-free meamns for all of my clinicians (respiratory therapists, sleep technicians, and sleep technologists) to fulfill their professional continuing education needs. Before SleepEdu we provided our educational programs or sent staff to costly conferences; taking both time and resources that could otherwise have been spent caring for patients. With SleepEdu, our clinicians can choose courses specific to their field and complete them at their convenience. SleepEdu courses are easy to navigate, clinically based, and professionally structured. They have proven to be an essential resource for growth and development in our clinical staff. I highly recommend SleepEdu to any sleep clinic or durable medical equipment facility.”

Jill West, RPSGT, RST
Manager, Everything CPAP
Boise, Idaho

Everything CPAP

“Midwest Sleep Services has used SleepEdu for over 2 years. They have successfully and professionally met our CEU needs. Providing our own educational programs or sending our staff to costly conferences took both time and resources that would have otherwise been spent caring for patients. The SleepEdu courses are easy to navigate, are scientifically professionally structured, and have been an outstanding resource in assisting our individual staff members’ growth and development. I would highly recommend any sleep lab to use SleepEdu to meet their on-line educational and CEU needs.”

Steve Elder, RRT
Director, Midwest Sleep Services
Mason City, IA

Midwest Sleep Services